Stadium Super Trucks

Film and TV

Shaun has been using his driving Skills in in many different TV, Films and Commercials to make a name for himself in fast action world of Precision Driving and Stunt Driving all over the world.

This is where Shaun falls in to his element, precision driving and stunt driving to a high quality of roles, his professionalism and fast response gets the shoot done safely and on time.

Whether he is a stunt double for a super hero or he is making TV Commercials for the Police he gives 100% every time.

Shaun, said in an interview, if I am not in a race car my second passion is working on the TV and Film Industry, not just the work but you get to meet some amazing people in this industry these professionals make all of our work look great, I feel like I am living the school boy dream, I get to race and crash cars for a living how cool is that.

Please check out some of Shaun’s videos here.

Film Pic