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Driving History

racecar11985 –Started racing in local grass track events, finishing an outstanding 3rdplace in his first ever race!!!

1986/1996 –During these times Shaun raced in many different stock car formulae within this period Shaun won many championships.

1997 –Feeling refreshed and ready for a new challenge Shaun, decided to spend 1997 building a car to attack the Porsche series in 1998.

1998/99 –These years showed handfuls of podium positions in the Porsche Championship which was a particularly competitive series, having to qualify to reach an over subscribed grid. Still realising the challenge of the series, Shaun decided to have one more attempt at this championship, with his much loved Porsche.

2000 –During 2000 he was a regular visitor to the podium and bowed out of the Championship with many race wins, lap records, spirit of the championship award, fans favourite driver award and a fabulous second position in the championship crowning.

IMG_00162001 –Shaun was sure he was ready to move on, although leaving the Porsche’s without a championship went against the grain. He decided to move onto Euro-cars which, at the time were a high profile series and one of Britain’s premier events.

On his first outing in the Euro-car, he bagged 5th place against the series regulars which he improved on his second meeting by achieving a podium finish.

Shaun battled all season long, determined to win the championship despite being a rookie to the series he had many podium finishes.But a handful of mechanical problems robbed him of winning the championship which meant the tally at the end of the season earned him4th in the championship.

2002 –Ascar(European Nascar) series was growing and gaining respect.Shaun decided this was the challenge that he needed to conquer and, in order to do combat in this unique discipline, Shaun decided to first get involved in a team to learn the car set up and the principles behind driving these Super Speedway ovals.He then rented a car for a one off drive and finished 11thagainst some of the best.

2003 –Shaun bought a car and took on a partner to help run the team and so Kidd Richardson racing was born.Shaun set off to chase the rookie championship. At the end of a very competitive season Shaun was awarded Forum Rookie of the Year and the Chevron Texaco 2003 Driver Achievement Award, which had the amazing prize of being guest to the Texaco team at the 2003 title final NASCAR Homestead Miami Super Speedway on a fully paid trip for two to the USA! During his time in the USA he got to meet some amazing people these people had so much passion and knew just how he felt and could see his determination to win which lead to an amazing fan base world wide for

2004/05 –The off season brought a breakthrough of serious sponsorship in the form of the super Rock group The Darkness.The splendid livery of this car and Shaun’s determination to win brought much deserved attention to both the series and the Team. Shaun rewarded all the support he had been given with 3rd overall position in the championship.

2006 –Shaun was invited as a representative for New Zealand Drivers (amongst few others selected) to race in the Australian V8 Ute’s International at Manfieldfrom the 3rd–5thFebruary which was a great pleasure.

2006/2007 –Shaun bought himself a NZV8 Touring car and competed

2008/2009 –Shaun had to earn a living so while living in Australia and NZ Shaun turned his hand to his second love Procession Driving (Stunt Driving) on Films TV and Video he has also worked on driver safety commercials for the police.

racecar22010 –On Christmas Eve Shaun was given a call from Ron Barfield and asked to race for Australia in a ASA race in South Africa he did not need asking twice and flew to South Africa here he raced in the Free State 500 at PhakisaRaceway Shaun was un lucky to pick up debris while in the lead on lap 175 out of 207 Shaun had the pleasure of working and Racing with some great people in Nascar(Ron Barfield and Geoff Bodine) to name a few.

Shaun’s Aim is to move to the USA and make it in Nascarand to be one of only a few to succeed while racing in Nascar.

He will not settle for second best he has made such a big gamble to up hall is Wife and Son and leave the UK where sponsorship was always available and now to move again from Australia to the USA

IMG_16912011/2012-Shaun has started making the move to the USA.  Spending part of the racing season in 2011 and 2012 in the US racing and scoring top 5 finishes at several local short tracks in the southeast.