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Top Gear Project

for the last 3 months my self and my crew at Positive Automotive, Mark Graham, Steve Michelle, Terry Hall, and Brian Montgomery, have been working on a secret project origanly for Top Gear then after all the Clarkson issues it was then built for the Clarkson Hamond and May Live, what we had the pleasure of building was a V8 Bolling Machine and a V8 Batting Machine it will be traveling all over the world with there live shows look out its coming to a city near you. We have just done our first two shows in Perth Australia. The props we built were the stars of the show once the filming as been edited i will add a link to the show. Its now been shipped to sydney for two live shows there next weekend, where we go again. Show your support for my giys as they have done a fantastic job thanks guys it could not have been done with out you.

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